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Conflict Management

We provide conflict management workshops and coaching for children and youth, as well as for adults who work with children and youth. These workshops are available to everyone, including schools, community groups, homeschoolers, and private business.

Some of our workshops:

  • Basics of Conflict Management 
    An introduction to what conflict is, how it can be transformative and how conflict can be an impetus for positive change in relationships and in the world. 

  • Communication
    This workshop explores different styles of communicating, focusing on practicing appropriate assertive communication. 

  • Helping our Friends 
    This workshop teaches participants some basic skills as well as a process that can be used to help their friends and peers through conflict and decisions. The focus of this workshop is staying neutral while actively listening, showing empathy, and asking appropriate questions to help guide friends and peers to make their own decisions. 

Recommended Organization: 

For cross-cultural conflict resolution, anti-racism, and inclusion workshops we recommend Re:Representation.

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