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At Willowtree Education Services, our approach is supportive, naturalistic, and child-centred. We believe that children learn best when they have the freedom to play, inquire, and be curious, with the support of caring adults.

Active & experiential

Children learn best when they can actively participate in their learning, and experience it first hand. We use a child-centred approach to help students experience the world around them in order to learn and grow.

Playful, fun & inquisitive

Play is a natural and effective way for children to learn - it allows them to explore and experiment with concepts, skills and ideas in a meaningful way. We provide students with opportunities to move through the inquiry process in a variety of ways.

Effective and lasting learning happens with children are able to make personal connections with the subject matter. This is often achieved through reflective learning practices including journaling, storytelling and discussion.

Personal & reflective

Not only do nature and animals allow us to learn from them, they also help children to be more alert, calm and focused - all key ingredients to effective learning.

Outside and around animals


Learning happens best when children feel comfortable to try new things, be vulnerable, and make mistakes. We make it a priority to support students in taking creative and academic risks, and encourage students to support each other on their learning journeys. We provide support to students as needed as they go through the inquiry process.

Collaborative & cooperative

Play-based learning is based on a model of cooperation and collaboration among children. We promote learning through working together to reach both personal and shared goals.

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